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Crowd Management
Emergency Response, People Counting, Information Portal, Event Scheduling, Visitor Services
For Pilgrimage, Temples, Music Festivals, Public Gatherings, National & International Events

Efficiently manage the flow of massive crowd by accurate people counting, holding area capacity optimisation, visit scheduling, swift location-based emergency response, integrated travel arrangements and live statistics for event management. The solution is ideal for pilgrimage at temples and Ghats.

Events where people gather in massive numbers face the following challenges:
  • Chaotic Crowd Behaviour
  • Frequent Accidents
  • Delays in Emergency Response
  • Missing People
  • Crime & Safety Threats
  • Lack of Information
  • Inefficient Capacity Utilisation
  • Parking & Transportation Woes
  • Finding Accommodation
  • Lack of Public Convenience
  • Safety & Environmental Concerns
Solution provides the following benefits to the citizens:
  • Better crowd management saves lives
  • Missing persons are easily reunited with family
  • Emergency services can respond faster
  • Information portal creates awareness
  • Simplified transportation and parking
  • Hassle-free and pleasant experience
Solution provides the following benefits to the Government:
  • Model for citizen engagement with e-Governance
  • Successfully manage the largest event of its kind
  • Establish benchmark for massive crowd management
  • Integrate various Government services on a single platform
Mobile App
The solution consists of the following components:

Smart Wristband
  • For Visitors
  • Mobile Number Printed
  • Ideal For All Ages
  • Emergency Services

Smart Printer
  • Prints on Smart Band
  • Registration Desk
  • Instant Printing
  • Easy Handling

Mobile App
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Read Smart Band
  • Information Portal
  • Online Registration

  • Command Centre
  • Information Portal
  • Online Registration
  • Events Schedule, Location

People Counter
  • Live People Count
  • Count At Entry & Exit
  • Real-time Statistics
  • Arena & Holding Areas

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Report Problem
  • Notifications
  • On Demand SMS
Smart Wristband

Each Smart Wristband is printed with the visitor’s mobile number. The Smart Wristbands are very lightweight, waterproof and can be worn securely with ease. The wristbands are provided to visitors at the Registration Desk. They have to keep wearing them during their stay within the event premises. In case of an emergency, it is easy to identify the visitor and the related group information using the mobile number printed on the Smart Wristband.

Smart Printer

Smart Printers are placed at all Registration Desks located at entry points. The Smart Printers are used to print the mobile number of the visitor on to the Smart Wristband. These printers are easy to handle and print instantly.

People Counter

People Counters are installed at entry and exit points of selected areas. The People Counters give live people count updated in real-time at the server. Live occupancy statistics of different areas can be viewed from the mobile app and website.

Pilgrim Mobile App

The Mobile App for the visitors is a powerful tool for engaging with the citizens. It helps the visitrs manage their entire experience. Even before they plan to visit the event, they can access all the information about the event.

Organiser Mobile App

The Mobile App for the organisers helps them collaborate in real-time for managing the whole event efficiently. The organisers can use the app to raise alerts for missing person and requesting emergency assistance. They can receive alerts from nearby locations based on their GPS location.

Website For Visitors

The website acts as a comprehensive information portal for the visitors. They will be able to find all the relevant information at this website and also make registrations.

Website For Organisers

The website acts as a command centre for the organisers. They can use the website to extend the features provided by the organiser mobile app. It provides administrative controls, real-time reports, personnel tracking on map, event guidelines, contact directory, Government notifications, content upload, settings for event area parameters and hierarchical access. Dashboards for senior officers provide live updated metrics on performance, logistics, task status and incidents.


Registered visitors can receive emergency alerts and important notifications on their mobile phones via SMS. They can report a problem through SMS. Any mobile phone can be used to access information using on-demand SMS.

Visitors can be sent an automatic message after the event is concluded. This message can be customised with the name of the visitor.

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